Marketing Partners

The “forex affiliate” plan everyone is talking about

Become Affiliate

ATFX have created the first CFDs and forex partner programme, specifically with compliance and regulation in mind.

Our partners are affiliated with the only regulated forex broker *truly* paying for Leads, and who values and places the affiliate’s best interests first.

Cash Out?

You choose when to cash out your Leads

Which Leads?

You decide which leads to be paid for, from different levels of the sales funnel

Paid When?

A weekly payments window.


ATFX provides full conversion transparency on Lead life cycle with metrics.

Awesome EPC?

Join a programme that understands Affiliates. You should expect a high EPC, regardless of plan type

Conflict of Interest?

A partner Cookie ALWAYS WINS the last click attribution, hence, no conflict of interest.

Why Everyone is Talking about our Marketing Partner Programme (MPP)

Different Plans including Bespoke
Weekly Commission
KPIs and Performance Benchmarking
Up to 700 CPA equivalent

It’s different to traditional broker programmes

Simply put, the ATFX Marketing Partner Programme (“MPP”) is unique programme. Traditional forex affiliate programs focus on introducer arrangements, and pay based on the trading activities of introduced clients (whether known to the partner or not). This includes (but is not limited to) linking the commission to spreads, volumes, instruments, number of trades, size or number of deposits etc. All activities the regulators and authorities want to avoid, in the best interests of the trader.

Our MPP plan removes the commission structure from trading based activities entirely. Instead we pay you based on where your introduced leads are, within our sales funnel!

The last thing you want, is for a local regulator to terminate a forex affiliate programme you are promoting and see your earnings cease overnight. You need to rest assured with a broker who is regulated and operates a compliant programme. ATFX is a broker regulated by the CySEC, EEA authorised and registered with the FCA.

A Conflict-Free Programme

The affiliate programmes you are promoting now, probably see you “competing” against the broker’s marketing department.

Are you blocked from brand bidding on AdWords? Does the Last-Click cookie policy mean the in-house re-marketing efforts, directory listings and social media posting get the conversion attribution, when you put all the efforts into making the new customer brand-aware in the first place?
If yes, you are losing out on sales and commission.

It’s time for a NEW approach!

Our MPP programme simply says that any partner cookie takes precedence, and thus you will always win the conversion attribution.

  • If you’d like to brand bid on PPC (with approval by our Partner Manager) and go ahead!
  • Sending all the first clicks to us? That’s perfect, we’ll ensure all subsequent visits and sales are credited to you.
  • Want a Marketing department on your side? Join us today – that’s precisely what we’re here for.

Plans to Suit all Types

Are you a “leads specialist”, a social media guru, can find high net worth individuals or you simply specialize in low deposit investors?

The MPP by ATFX provides different types of commission plans, to suit different types of partners.

Become a marketing partner today, and potentially get paid for all leads provided.

The different plans pay more or less for different levels within our sales funnel, and take into account different conversion rates and even include dynamic bench-marking for faster approval on payments!

Talk to one of our Partner Managers today, to learn more.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.  Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.
You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.