Commission Plans

The plan information contained in this page explains how each of the default ATFX MPP plans are defined; how your commission is calculated. For questions or to discuss a bespoke plan, please contact your account service manager. To join our affiliate program, click here.

The ATFX conversion or sales funnel is the steps through which a referred person (a unique click/Lead/Client) is tracked, and at which points compensation is due to the referring Affiliate.

Level 0

A unique click, assigned by tracking parameters to you, the Affiliate. A Cookie is set for 90 days. We operate with last-In attribution, however the affiliate’ cookie can only be trumped by another partner; i.e. direct traffic, organic traffic and Marketing direct response do not overwrite the affiliate’cookie – the last affiliate wins the attribution.

Level 1

A registration with both Email and Mobile Phone PIN verified. The unique click is now an Active Lead and Level 1 starts a 90-day counter (in which to get paid for this lead).

Level 2

Your Active Lead has completed our Appropriateness Test and is now classed as a Client.

Level 3

Client Status is now Approved – this means the required KYC documents have been gathered and verified and AML checks are all completed.

Level 4

Client is recorded as having completed a specified number of *Lots (depends on your plan and agreed settings).
Performance bonuses (up to 100%) apply on Level 4.

*Lots = units of 100K in base currency traded on our platform.

By default, ATFX provides affiliates with a few different commission plans to get you started; each suitable for different types of partner.

Explanations and details of the payment ratios per level can be seen below.

Your affiliate manager will discuss how you intend to promote ATFX and build a partner profile to understand how we will work together. Bespoke plans may then be tailored to match your partner profile to both maximize your earnings and our visibility to potential clients.

CPA Ratio

The CPA Ratio defines the percentage paid per country (from the CPA value – see table, lower down this page), for each lead in every level of the Sales Funnel. This ratio defines the CPL, which when multiplied by the number of leads per level calculates your commission.

Note, when multiple different CPA Ratios are present per level, your commission is based on the average.

CVR Metric

The Conversion Rate (CVR) is the percentage of clicks or Active Leads achieving a certain Level within each plan.

The CVR Metric defines a minimum and maximum benchmark that shall be achieved to qualify traffic/leads for cash out.

In order to qualify your traffic/leads for cash out, your CVR Metric must fall between our global minimum and maximum CVR range. If your partner profile is above/below this benchmark, your affiliate manager can tailor a commission plan and set your own personal KPI targets.

In your Affiliate back office, the CVR percentage is displayed alongside a simple slider, showing if the CVR is under, within or over the benchmark range.

This ensures ATFX is not paying for fraudulent traffic/leads and also guarantees genuine traffic/leads get qualified for immediate payment.

Default Commission Plans

Funnel Plan

A even mix of CPA payment ratios in levels 1 to 4.

Sales Funnel LevelCPA RatioCVR Metric
Level 00%n/a
Level 12%% Clicks @ Level 1
Level 28%% Active Leads @ Level 2
Level 325%% Active Leads @ Level 3
Level 465%% Active Leads @ Level 4

Clicks Specialist

A traffic plan paying at Level 0 for your unique clicks!

Sales Funnel LevelCPA RatioCVR Metric
Level 00.001%% Unique clicks @ Level 2
Level 10%n/a
Level 20%n/a
Level 30%n/a
Level 4100%% Active Leads @ Level 4

The country from which your unique visitor/lead/client originates has a CPA value – from which your commission per levels are calculated. See below CPA Ratio table, for the countries from which ATFX accepts clients.

CPA Ratio Table


CPA Value


CPA Value


CPA Value

Austria$ 600 Iceland$ 250 Philippines$ 350
Belarus$ 300 Indonesia$ 200 Poland$ 500
Belgium$ 300 Ireland$ 600 Portugal$ 600
Bulgaria$ 200 Italy$ 550 Qatar$ 700
China$ 300 Latvia$ 350 Romania$ 300
Croatia$ 200 Lebanon$ 450 Russia$ 300
Cyprus$ 400 Liechtenstein$ 300 Slovakia$ 400
Czech Republic$ 400 Lithuania$ 300 Slovenia$ 300
Denmark$ 650 Luxembourg$ 600 Spain$ 650
Estonia$ 250 Malaysia$ 400 Sweden$ 650
Finland$ 400 Malta$ 600 Switzerland$ 700
France$ 700 Moldova$ 300 Thailand$ 350
Germany$ 700 Netherlands$ 650 Ukraine$ 300
Greece$ 400 Nigeria$ 200 UAE$ 700
Hungary$ 400 Norway$ 650 United Kingdom$ 700
Please note, ATFX reserves the right to amend these values at any time, as per the Affiliate Agreement
– example; in the case a jurisdiction places a ban on forex trading, or we deem traders from a certain country are too risky.
Visitors, leads and clients from countries not listed above may not be qualified for payment.
  • The Window

    Once a week, on Thursdays at 11:00 EET, ATFX opens its Cash Out window for 48 hours, during which Affiliates choose which commission on qualifying leads can be cashed out.  You, the Affiliate, decide which leads to get paid for.

  • Calculations

    Cash Out commission is calculated on each Sales Funnel level the leads have achieved, per Plan and according to the CPA ratio which defines the CPL value. Assuming the leads fall into our Benchmark per Level (the CVR Metric), then a green button will display for that Level, enabling Cash Out.

  • Confirmation

    A confirmation screen confirms the commission selection. The confirmation screens also confirm how the remaining active and valid (for payment) leads will look after Cash Out.

  • Payment

    The chosen commission is paid into your partnership wallet, controlled inside our Client Portal – from here the commission may be withdrawn at any time via Bank Wire to your Bank or even moved into an MT4 trading account if you wish to trade*.
    *Note – you must also be Approved as a trader for this.

  • Lead Status

    Please note, clicks (from cookie) and leads (when achieving Level 1) are only eligible for payment during a 90-day period. Once Cashed Out, clicks and leads are no longer eligible for payment – we only pay once! 

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You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.