Example MPP Commission Earnings

So, for example;

In the first month you drive  1,000 unique visitors to ATFX from your banner advert.

All the visitors are from the UK where the CPA Ratio = $700

You now have 1,000 Level 0 Clicks.

From the 1,000 Level 0 clicks 100 (10%) sign up, and register an account. These leads are now able to gain access to inside the Client Portal.

As per MiFID II rules, ATFX does not pay for registrations.

From your 100 registrations, 60% verify their email and telephone. These become Level 1.

You now have 60 Level 1 Leads

50 of the Level 1 leads complete the appropriateness test. These become Level 2.

You now have 50 Level 2 Leads

20 Leads submit their KYC docs and become status approved. These become Level 3.

The leads also pass stringent AML checks to spot fraudsters.

You now have 20 Level 3 Clients

From the 20 Clients, 5 make a deposit and become Active traders.

As per MiFID II rules, ATFX does not pay for deposits or trading activity.

From your 5 Active Clients, 2 pass the minimum Lots count in the commission plan within the 90-day window.

You now have 2 Level 4 Clients


In the example, we use the default “Funnel Plan” for all the 1,000 visitors.

Levels$ CPA Ratio% CVR
Level 00 %n/a
Level 12 %Conversion of Clicks @ Level 1
Level 28 %Total Active Leads @ Level 2
Level 325 %Total Active Leads @ Level 3
Level 465 %Total Active Leads @ Level 4
Note; an Active Lead is minimum Level 1 from an Approve Country within 90 days of expiry.

Your Earnings

Based on the example, using the “Funnel Plan” (above table), what commission could be generated?

Level 0$0No CPC on Visitors for this commission plan.
Level 1$1,120CPL $14 ($700 @ 2%) x 60 Leads
Level 2$3,360CPL $56 ($700 @ 8%) x 50 Leads
Level 3$5,250CPL $175 ($700 @ 25%) x 20 Clients
Level 4$910CPL $455 ($700 @ 65%) x 2 Clients
Note; this example assumes the CVR Metrics were within the industry benchmark settings.

Cashing Out Commission

During the first week cash out window, you cash out the Level 4 commission; that number (2 clients) is removed from the other levels as these individuals have already achieved levels 1, 2 and 3 and are showing in those levels until cashed out.

Week 1 cash out is $910 (2 x $455)

Therefore, after cash out of level 4, Level 1 resets to 58 leads, Level 2 becomes 48 leads and Level 3 becomes 18 leads with Level 4 is now zero.

In week 2 you decide to cash out Level 3

Week 2 cash out is $3,150 (18 x $175)

This removes 18 leads from level 2 so level 2 leads become 30, Level 1 now is 40. Level 3 and 4 are both zero.

When the week 3 cash out window opens you cash out Level 2

Week 3 cash out is $1,680 (30 x $56)

This removes a further 30 leads from level 1 so Level 1 = 10 Leads. Levels 2, 3 and 4 are zero.

Maybe in week 4 you also decide to cash out the Level 1 leads.

Week 4 cash out is $140 (10 x $14)

So, in total during one month the potential earnings in our example is $455 + $3,150 + $1,680 + $140 = $5,425.

All this is assuming all your 1,000 Level 0 visitors arrive on day one, with no further traffic, or leads moving further down the funnel as time passes!

How does this compare to more traditional “old school” Affiliate Programmes, from pre-MiFID II days?

If you took the same number of visitors, leads, clients, actives and traders as our example and the commission plan was paying $700 CPA for UK traffic with a “number of trades”/volume based payment trigger, you would have earned on the 5 ‘actives’ only.

5 x $700 = $3,500

This type of plan wastes the other visitors and leads brought to the broker, plus setting your commission against the trader depositing and making X number of trades/volume was in your best interest, not that of the Client.

This is where the ATFX MPP program is dramatically different to all the rest

Remember, should you choose to cash out leads early/high in the sales funnel, for example your Level 2 leads, this will remove those individuals not only from Level 2 but also if the Client was at Level 3 or Level 4. Therefore, take your time, and consider carefully which leads to cash out and when.