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For nearly 20 years, Trading Central has set the standard for market research, pattern recognition and financial commentary. The omni-channel solutions provide 24-hour global multi-asset coverage, and offer technical, fundamental and value analysis.

Trading Central enables investors to participate in financial markets by generating trade ideas, validating investment decisions and managing risk- all at the point of action.

Markets never sleep, and with offices in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Shanghai, Sydney and Ottawa, TRADING CENTRAL is always there to support your decision making.

The financial research produced by Trading Central is independent, aligned with investors’ interests and free from investment banking conflicts. Enjoy Trading Central as part of your MT4 trading experience with ATFX for FREE (with live accounts).

Trading Central signals predicts likely market direction, based on the current conditions.

Combine with other analytical tools and data source to affirm your strategies with an additional set of analytical tools to make better-informed decisions.

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Trading Central combines

Chartist approach

Price movement, support and resistance levels

Mathematical indicators

Indicators and Oscillators

Japanese candlesticks

Identify trend movements

Technical strategies

8K+ assets, including commodities, FX, CFDs

3 sets of indicators for MT4

  • Analyst Opinion Indicator

    Independent technical analysis and research

  • Adaptive Candlesticks

    AC will recognize for you in real time reversal and continuation candlesticks patterns. Orange forecasts bearish. Blue forecasts bullish.

  • Adaptive Divergence Convergence

    Based on MACD indicator, ADC helps you visualize buy/sell signals straight from the charts. Red arrows indicate bearish. Blue ones indicate bullish.

  • Various Investment Styles

    Trading Central matches requirements of various investment styles, from intraday trading to long term investments

  • Investment Research

    Trading Central provides investment research for more than 200 investment banks, fund managers, brokers and professional dealers from 45 countries around the world

  • Leading Research Provider

    Trading Central is a leading investment research provider in the financial market

  • FREE Access

    Trading Central provides FREE access to ATFX clients*

*Requires minimum deposit amount