Your Funds Protected

Security and transparency are our commitment to you.

ATFX places the safety and security of your funds as our priority.

At ATFX, we put the safety of all our global investors’ funds as a top priority.  Through leading data encryption technology, strict supervision and effective protection measures, we create a safe and reliable trading environment for all customers.

In addition, as all leading forex brokers operate in terms of management and information disclosure, ATFX is strictly in accordance with the implementation of the highest regulatory requirements of the CySEC and the European Data Protection Act.

We regularly submit and publish the financial reports and other data to ensure that our company is financially stable with abundant capital. ATFX aims to provide a comprehensive and transparent trading experience.

Client Segregated Accounts

Our valued ATFX customers have their capital deposited into segregated accounts opened with top European banks regulated directly by their respective central banks. These segregated accounts have been created, maintained and operated in accordance with the MiFID framework (The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).

We have already gone beyond the current regulatory requirements for the operating standards on completely segregating customers’ capital.
Just another reason to make ATFX your preferred trading partner.

Regular Audit

Member firms of the EAA regularly audits the company strategies and process flows to ensure it is consistent with the nature, size and complexity of the company.

Capital adequacy

The capital adequacy ratio of our business satisfies more than the minimum ratio required by European capital regulation at all times.

Investor Compensation Fund

We are a member of the Investor Compensation Fund, a scheme which serves to protect eligible retail clients by paying compensation in the event that a company fails to reimburse funds and/ or financial instruments due to financial issues, as applicable.

Customer capital protection measures

The customer’ funds are completely separated from the company’s operating capital.

Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance (AML)

We take appropriate measures to combat money laundering, terrorist financing activities and financial crimes.